[Translation] Kanako Takatsuki’s PLAYING by CLOSET♪♪ #1: BLACKPINK

Japanese original published on OKMusic, 1 October 2020.

I am Kanako Takatsuki, voice actress as well as artist.

I have gotten the chance start my own article series here on OKMusic. Clap, clap!
Its name is PLAYING by CLOSET♪♪

I normally turn on the radio first thing after waking up, always listen to music while on the move, and watch music videos, live footage and such on YouTube before going to sleep… so I’m listening to quite a lot of music.

The idea here is that I’ll use what I have in my closet to make an outfit based on the album covers, themes, etc. of music I like ♡

I’m going to have fun with combinations that I wouldn’t normally use, while of course also using my favorite items!

So with that, here’s the theme of this very special first edition.

Single “Ice Cream” (’20) by BLACKPINK × Selena Gomez

I’ve had this song on heavy rotation recently.
I love Blackpink!! Even though it’s Blackpink, who are usually rather cool, the aesthetic of this song starting with the music video is just the best, aww ♡

And here is the outfit I made thinking of this song.

It’s a combination of BLACK × PINK.
This is such an “at home” photo, I’m sorry for that. Haha

The pink see-through top with a small flower pattern is cute and I like it a lot ♡
It’s surprisingly easy to pair it with different kinds of clothes, and I’ve been using it since the summer.

I bought the pink bucket hat in Korea.
The pants are from Tach Clothing. It’s a brand I’m into right now!
Finally, I tried to keep this from becoming overly casual by combining it with short boots from Gucci.

The combination of pink above and black below matches the colors of the cover image, and I put great care into it!

Although I often use clothing that has prominent yellow shades, every now and then there are days when I intensely want to wear pink.
I figured that this is something I’d like to go out in at such times.

I could go get some cute ice cream ♡


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