[Translation] Kanako Takatsuki’s PLAYING by CLOSET♪♪ #3: TWICE

Japanese original published on OKMusic, 1 December 2020.

Hi everyone!
I’m Kanako Takatsuki.

There’s already only one month left in the year, but it doesn’t really feel like winter, does it??
I get the feeling it’s warmer than in an average year…!
However, because I like the fall, I’m very happy about a longer fall ♡

I recently had the chance to hold a live event at Shuzenji Niji no Sato in Shizuoka Prefecture, and I was moved by how beautiful the red leaves were.

The atmosphere and the look of the trees are completely different depending on when you go, so taking in all of these things while breathing in the air there was just great.

Also, it was nice how the dressing room was a tatami room…
In the future, I want to live in a house with a tatami room! That’s one of my goals! (Haha)

Now then, getting to the main topic, the song I chose for the outfit this time is

“I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE.

“I Can’t Stop Me” is featured on the album “Eyes wide open” (2020).

I love TWICE. I’ve been listening to this on heavy rotation ever since the release!

All of TWICE’s songs are catchy and memorable, so you genuinely don’t get tired of them! And you also get the itch to dance ♪

Here’s the outfit that I put together influenced by that song.

Jacket: H&M
Shirt: LilyBrown
Dress: oriens
Boots: faith tokyo

On the cover art, all the members are wearing gray together, but my closet had no gray! (Haha)
Therefore I tried to fit the atmosphere using brown ♡

I’m all about the miniskirt & long boots combo this year.
Even if it’s cold, I want to show some leg!

I think this would look better if I’d take photos outside!
I’m sorry for it always being inside. (Heh)
I’m sorry for my dog playing around in the background. (Heh)

I’d like to try an outside setting sometime!

With that, bye!


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