[Translation] Kanako Takatsuki’s PLAYING by CLOSET♪♪ #4: BTS

Japanese original published on OKMusic, 1 February 2021.

Hi everyone!
I’m Kanako Takatsuki.

Happy new year!
I might have taken a break last month,
but I’m starting again this month! I’m in your care!!

So, the first go of 2021!

The theme this time is
“Dynamite” by BTS

“Dynamite” music video

This is a song I love, love, love!
I especially like listening to it first thing in the morning.

I’ve been listening to BTS’s songs a lot for a while, but recently I’ve also been into BTS’s variety shows and looking up information on the members, so not just the music.
I’m full-on ARMY. (fan name)

And here is the outfit an ARMY like me put together using Dynamite as the motif!

Hat #kijimatakayuki
Coat & pants #ohpeal_tokyo
Turtleneck #BEAMS
Shoes #GUCCI

Pink coat and pants with a purple turtleneck sweater.
It’s not quite disco fashion, but wearing these clothes made me want to dance to Dynamite!
In the music video, BTS are wearing Gucci, so the boots being Gucci is also a little thing to note.

My beloved dog, Ten-chan, was looking on from behind with a puzzled look while I took these selfies. Haha

I am going to indulge in music and fashion more than before this year as well, along with powering up in order to show everyone an ever more refined artist! ♡

Look forward to 2021’s Kanako Takatsuki!!


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