[Translation] Kanako Takatsuki’s PLAYING by CLOSET♪♪ #5: yama

Japanese original published on OKMusic, 1 March 2021.

Hi everyone!
I’m Kanako Takatsuki!

Warm days have become more frequent, it sure feels like spring.
With the early-to-blossom kawazu-zakura [a type of cherry blossoms] in bloom and the sky a bright blue,
you just want to go out wearing clothes in refreshing colors!

However, spring goes by faster than you’d think, so one has to be careful not to buy too many spring clothes…
I say that, yet I just got done with some online shopping. lol

So, the cover art I chose this time is

Haru wo tsugeru [Announcing spring] / yama

I picked this because I wanted a song that suits the spring, but something tells me what the song is actually about isn’t too springlike… lol

I started listening to this song after someone I know told me “you should sing this at karaoke!” I’ve never sung it at karaoke up to now, so this spring I’m going to practice so I can sing it!

The outfit I put together looking at the “Haru wo tsugeru” cover is this!

Hat #BoughtInKorea
Sunglasses #TOMFORD
Top #PARKDELI #oriens
Pants #BEEP
Shoes #VANS

A purple and sakura pink outfit.
Park Deli, who the top is from, is the shop of an NY florist. I believe that’s why it feels perfect for the spring!

Then, indispensable when it gets warmer are sunglasses.
It’s such a waste that I haven’t worn them much since we started using masks! They’re in a very springlike color, so I would like to give them heavy use this year as well ♡

I take these photos at home, but unfortunately it’s not a 10 square meter room in nightly Tokyo*! lol

When more cherry blossoms start blooming
I want to go on a walk while listening to “Haru wo tsugeru” ♪

Link to song on YouTube

*The song opens with these exact lyrics: 深夜東京の6畳半 (Shinya Tо̄kyо̄ no 6-jо̄-han). This translates to “6-and-a-half-tatami room in nightly Tokyo.” 6.5 tatami (Tokyo-size tatami) equals approximately 10 square meters, or 110 square feet.


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