Translation requests

So far, I’ve been doing translations from Japanese to English on an ad hoc basis whenever something catches my eye, and most of the time I’m not working on any. From time to time, I’ve thought that maybe I should do more in order to help others out. The language barrier is real, after all.

So, if you see some anime- or otaku culture-related content that’s in Japanese and that you’d like to get translated, you can try asking me.

Some qualifications:

  • For the time being, I’d like to focus on freely available content—what I’ve done so far are online articles/interviews as you can see. If I decide to branch out to retail magazines etc. at some point, I’d already have ideas there.
  • I’ll try to help, but I won’t give a guarantee. You’ll have the highest chances with franchises or content I’m also into.

Please find contact options on the Contact page.