So what’s that Anisama like? Memories of Anisama 2018

I'm aware that writing an event report for something from almost two years ago is pretty late, more so than doing the same with pilgrimages, but a friend wanted to read this. Besides, I looked on Google and saw that again, there's not much written on Anisama in English, so I figured some people might … Continue reading So what’s that Anisama like? Memories of Anisama 2018


Experiencing Numazu: The city that lives and breathes Love Live! Sunshine!! (Part 1)

Part 1 of 3 in my Numazu series. This first part recounts my visit to Numazu in March 2018, where I participated in the “Escape from the Solitary Island’s Aquarium: Take Back the Lost Treasure!” game on the island of Awashima. Additionally, I visited locations seen in the anime on Awashima, and briefly those in central Numazu and in Uchiura east of the Izu-Mito Sea Paradise tunnel (Mito Beach etc.). Continue reading

The K-On! Comiket: Report from Sakura High New Students’ Welcome Ceremony 2018

In May 2018, I went to a K-On event in Japan that no one had written about before in English. The Sakura High New Students’ Welcome Ceremony, or the Shinkan is a K-On exclusive doujinshi market with some related events going on during the day. You can picture it as a miniature Comiket specializing in K-On. This post is a report/documentation hybrid, documenting what this event is like, but also reporting on my personal experiences there. Continue reading