Cycling around Kyoto for K-On scenery

The greatest anime series ever produced, K-On, is set in a town somewhere in Japan that we never learn the name of. Based on the show, it seems to be a relatively small, peaceful town. Like so many other Japanese students, the light music club's girls take the Shinkansen bullet train on a school trip … Continue reading Cycling around Kyoto for K-On scenery


Chronicling Uji, home of Hibike! Euphonium

Living in Kyoto for a year from 2017 to 2018, I had the privilege of being just a short train ride away from neighboring Uji City, setting of the Hibike! Euphonium anime, and actually of the original novels as well. I visited the city thrice during the year, my itinerary slightly different each time. To give this report some travel flavor, I shall detail each visit separately, focusing on the new things and on what changed since the last visit. Continue reading