[Translation] Kanako Takatsuki’s PLAYING by CLOSET♪♪ #2: Kenshi Yonezu

Japanese original published on OKMusic, 1 November 2020.

Hi everyone!
I am voice actress and artist Kanako Takatsuki.

This is my second article!
I’m still green, aren’t I.

My solo debut single, Anti world, was recently released!
Having been able to release it without issue, I’ve had a good peace of mind these past days.
Please listen to it many times and feel the world of Kanako Takatsuki in it!

Now then, in this series I’ll again showcase an outfit inspired by a CD cover picture I like! ♡

Here’s my pick for this time.

Kenshi Yonezu’s album

It’s a recent release, and since it includes lots of hit songs, I have relatively high playback rates for it.
I regularly have days where I feel that “today I’m gonna listen to Yonezu!!” Those are the days I’m listening to it. Haha

And here’s the outfit that I thought up based on that album cover!

Cardigan from CREOLME
Top from H&M
Pants from UNIQLO
Shoes from Faith tokyo

The orange accents on the cover’s dull blue stuck out to me,
so I put together the same tones with an orange cardigan over a blue turtleneck sweater.

Furthermore, to me an oversized long coat is close to the feel of Kenshi Yonezu’s songs, or perhaps I should say the sense of not putting in effort feels fitting.

However, for shoes I chose boots, wrapping it up in a way that doesn’t feel overly casual!

I put on and photographed this outfit at home just for this series,
but I would really like to go out in this!!

I want to go out and listen to STRAY SHEEP
while taking a walk on a slightly foggy road.

Hoping that something special will happen, such as a new discovery that could be an accent to everyday life!


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